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About us

The Țării Crișurilor Museum (MȚC) Publishing House was officially founded in 1998 and belongs to the Țării Crișurilor Museum  from Oradea. It continues the publishing activity of the museum institution, started in the 1970s, by publishing numerous books, monographs, volumes with articles, collection and exhibition catalogs, as well as brochures specific to the museum’s fields of activity: archeology and history, ethnography, art, nature sciences, but also from related fields. At the same time, three yearbooks are published by the MȚC Publishing House: Biharea (ethnography and art), Crisia (archeology and history) and Nymphaea (nature sciences).

The publishing activity materialized, over the years, through the publication of works by museographers, employees of the institution, as well as by specialists from Bihor County and Romania. Among the major works we can mention Istoria Bihorului (The History of Bihor) (2018), the monographs of some localities – Salonta, Vadu Crișului, Derna, Varviz, Girișu de Criș, Țețchea (Bihor County), Camăr (Sălaj County), albums regarding the villages on the upper valley of the Bistra River (Bihor County) and Valcău de Jos (Sălaj County), as well as studies of the history of art and architecture in Oradea, folklore and the rural life, including tribute volumes dedicated to museographers with a long activity in the institution.